Our pricing structure

Initial consultation - - Free
Preliminary online questionnaire to be filled out prior to scheduling consultation. Consultations are between 30 min to one hour.

Pre-Production - - $55/hour
Pre-production is the research + development stage of production. [Visit our process page to learn what qualifies as pre-production.]

5 hour minimum requirement - - $275 deposit
We require a deposit of 5 hours to begin the pre-production process.

Production Costs - -
Production is priced per unit and will be quoted once an approved sample has been made. A 50% deposit of the full order is required to begin production. 50% balance due on completion, plus any extra costs that have incurred. [Visit our process page to learn more about the production process.]

*** Our price per unit is based on the amount of steps and the time each step takes on a product. Larger quantities allow for shorter time per step due to efficiency. We take fabrication, stitch type, colorways, and sewing techniques into consideration for each unit price.

Why we price the way we do

Low minimums - - 10 - 100 units [per style]
As you increase quantities, the price goes down. Lower minimums mean you can expect generally higher prices.

Ethically made garments
Our workers get paid a living wage and have excellent facility conditions.

Flexible Facility
We work with a variety of garments/accessories that occasionally require more time to learn a new technique, or generally set up for a new project.

We Love A Challenge
We’re not afraid of semi-complex apparel and technical construction techniques. With higher per unit price comes attention to detail and a thoughtful process.

We are a small batch, non-profit facility. We use our production income to fund the organization. That means allowing us to buy the tools and machines we need for production, pay our employees a fair wage, as well as keep our education department and membership spaces open.

Small Batch
We focus on production runs of 10-100 units per style. Our MOQ’s are much lower than overseas production facilities. As with making anything from scratch, this takes time to improve on processes and efficiency which typically takes more investment in time up front. Our facility is flexible in that we do not specialize in only one thing which means it will likely require some training with staff and ‘tooling up’ for the specifics of your project. This allows a broad range of companies to build slowly and sustainably. Meaning they produce only what is ordered rather than having too much stock that ends up going on sale or ending up in landfills.

Materials + Design
Our production pricing is based on the difficulty of the fabric and design. Some fabrications need more manipulating and care while being sewn, while some fabrics, like linens, work well with many machines and don’t require as much handling. We start by timing how long each step of the process takes. Some items [i.e. childrenswear] may take just as long as a men’s style because the sewing process is still the same and can be just as difficult. We will not have an idea of price until we are able to get your fabric under our machines and test them out for ourselves. Giving us an expected retail price up front helps us determine if we will be a good fit for your project.

We’re Here For You
We value each and every one of our clients and are always happy to re-visit pricing and construction to get our clients where they need to be with their products.