Tessa Clark

Brand: Grind and Glaze
Joined SV: December 2017
Website | Instagram | tessa@grindandglaze.com

Tessa Clark is the founder of Grind and Glaze, a Cincinnati based affordable-luxury womenswear brand. While studying fashion design at DAAP she learned the importance of sustainability and ethical standards in the industry and strives to offer beautiful eco-friendly garments.

Grind and Glaze plans to launch online sales this year, with hopes to begin wholesaling within the next few seasons.

The inspiration behind Grind and Glaze comes from the designer’s upbringing in rural Ohio. Tessa’s mother is a self-taught ceramicist, and her father is a carpenter and miller. Grind refers to grinding of grain, and Glaze refers to glazing of pottery. You’ll see apron inspired garments throughout her collections.