RaMu Bey

Brand: Will Over Weakness
Joined SV: June 2018
13willoverweakness.com | @therealest117

In 2016, I realized there was a need within my community for versatile, handmade blankets, bags and accessories. This is where my brand emerged, 13willoverweakness.com.

Today we offer warm weather blankets, winter blankets, baby blankets, rucksacks and more. Each item is unique and created with 13love by me, RaMu Bey.

Try one or try them all! Our items make wonderful presents and we are a family owned business. I have had a love for sewing since I was a child watching my mother makes stylish outfits by hand.

The tradition continues as my children gather around and watch me create. It is truly my pleasure to offer you a gift from my family to yours.

Visit 13willoverweakness.com for your bag and blanket needs!