Emaleigh Dunn

Brand: embodi
Joined SV: August 2018

 Emaleigh Dunn is a recent graduate of the Fashion Design/Product Development program at the University of Cincinnati. She is the founder of embodi, a queer brand, created to celebrate the evolution of gender identity.  Emaleigh is thrilled to join Sew Valley to continue her development process.

Gender Expression is massively evolving. Things are no longer only men and women, there are so many genders in-between. The transgender, genderqueer and non-binary people who exist in our world today aren’t content with their underwear options; the intimates market is falling behind. That’s where embodi comes in: creating undergarments for those who recognize binary rules are a thing of the past.

embodi is scheduled to launch eCommerce by August of 2019. Interested in watching our growth process? Follow @embodi_development to see it all first hand.