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Sew Valley exists to provide resources to apparel designers and entrepreneurs. We aim to help their brands grow in a sustainable and thoughtful way. We offer physical workspace, educational workshops and contract services like pattern making, sample making, and small batch production. We are a registered 501 (c)3. Founded in 2017.

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Meet the Team

Sew Valley is the brainchild of Rosie Kovacs and Shailah Maynard. With Rosie's background in fashion and Shailah's business wisdom they saw a need for designers and manufacturing in Cincinnati and built Sew Valley from the ground up.


Rosie Kovacs

Co-Founder, C.E.O

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Rosie Kovacs has always had a love for fashion, design, and creating new things. An only child of a single parent household, she put herself through college and started a furniture company, Brush Factory, in 2009 after graduating with a degree in fashion design from the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Art, Architecture and Planning program. After a failed attempt to produce her own clothing line due to lack of resources in the Midwest, she knew there was an opportunity to help other designer and entrepreneurs build their brands without the expense to relocate or work with long distance manufacturers. In addition to her love of green juice, dancing, and her family, she thrives in a place where she can inspire others to fight for their passions.


Shailah Maynard

Co-Founder, C.O.O.

Shailah Maynard is a Cincinnati native, who is the owner/operator of concept brand Working Girls.  She has 9 + years experience working in fashion + retail buying/management in Boston and New York.  After relocating to Cincinnati in 2015, Shailah started Working Girls and noticed a shortage of resources for regionally-made products.  She’s excited to be a part of bringing sewn production back to the region, and hopes Sew Valley will help decrease the very large hurdle small brands face in finding help they need with product development.



Aubrey krekeler

Project manager and sustainability officer

Aubrey Krekeler grew up in Cincinnati and went on to the University of Cincinnati, where she graduated in 2017 with a BS in Fashion Design from DAAP. While learning about the fashion industry her passion developed in sustainable design and currently leads Sew Valley’s low impact and sustainability efforts. She has acted on that interest through freelance work of all sorts. She particularly enjoys working with small businesses that share the same passion. At Sew Valley, Aubrey leads the production team in staying on track for client projects through diligent time lines and consistent production floor planning. She helps clients understand the details of their scope and communicates with them throughout the process. In her free time you can find her grabbing a drink and a bite to eat with friends or at the dog park with her pups, Gio and Luna.


Caitlin Mccall

pattern maker + sewer

Caitlin earned her Masters of Textiles from NC State University Wilson College of Textiles in 2018 and her BSc Fashion Design from UC DAAP in 2015. Having learned the basics of pattern making on her own before attending the fashion program at DAAP, Caitlin is continuing her work as a pattern maker and sample sewer with Sew Valley. Her previous work throughout her time as an undergraduate and graduate student include exploration into slow fashion, discrete visibility, scalable modular apparel, and closed-loop recyclable fast fashion. In her free time, she continues her research for a circular apparel and textiles economy for practice at the local and regional level.




Car is a 3rd year Fashion Design student in the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program. While exploring internship opportunities, she gained interest in the production side of the fashion industry. As Sew Valley’s first production intern, she has worked closely with the team to better understand sustainable and ethical production. As a left handed cutter, she quickly learned to be ambidextrous in a world full of right handed scissors! Car especially thrives at trouble shooting construction techniques and sewing machine mechanics.




Zoë is a fourth year fine art student in the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program. As primarily a printmaker, Zoë discovered a love for printing on fabric and creating her own, original clothing. Through the desire to learn more about fashion, and how to be a sustainable creator, she found her way to Sew Valley.




Madeleine Misleh is a Cincinnati native. She is a University of Cincinnati alumn and graduated with a BS in Fashion Design in 2015 from (DAAP) Design Art Architecture and Planning program. In pursuit of developing her own line of handcrafted hand bags, she became a member of Sew Valley in 2018 and started a studio practice. Shortly after moving into Sew Valley, the team realized her talent was not to go unnoticed. A skilled sewer, technical designer and lover of all tools, Madeleine has found her place as a Project Manager and Educational Coordinator. She helps lead projects from development through production with a range of client projects, fabrics and designs. Additionally her passion for education helps her lead and plan all of the classes at Sew Valley. In her free time she still continues works on "Madlin" her bag line as well as custom work. Her favorites include all things poodle and doodles and having drinks with her husband downtown in Over-the-Rhine.







Amanda is a senior Fashion Design student in the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program. As a member of the production team, she enjoys employing her attention to detail and knowledge of technical design to explore and assist the production process. When she’s not at Sew Valley learning new construction techniques and helping carry out different projects, you can find her thrifting 90s nostalgia pieces, or at home cooking excessive amounts of tofu.


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Thank You

Sew Valley is supported by The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation and Main Street Ventures.